In 1919 Mr Václav and Mrs Otilie Kleinhampl bought a house with n. 961 located at then Victoria avenue with land of the area of 2622m. In 1928 they finished reconstruction, built 4 court tracts with three or respective five floors. The palace METRO created that way is situated on land of an irregular shape. Two winds of the rectangular shape abut against the basic trapezium in the eastern side.

The southern side leads into the street of the National avenue originally the Victoria street. The great depth is used with building up of 4 court tracts. The whole palace is with a basement it has got I and II. lower basement and there is also III. lower basement under its part on the whole. The house has got large courts on the ground floor, the mezzanine and the I. to IV. floor including the loft. The house is partly built as the concrete-steel frame with beam filling. The rest of the house is brickwork. The part of roofs is in a saddle style, the rest of them are flat – there are terraces. The single stairs are connected with the court, which is glassed-in with glass bricks. There are 5 staircases in the whole house and the lift is in the three of them. Proprietary run the sandwich bar, delicatessen, cafe, vine house and the cinema METRO. The rest was hired for clerical and business purposes. In 1945 after nationalizing the cinema Metro was assumed by the state administration. In 1948 companies METRO {the sandwich bar, delicatessen, cafe, vine house} were nationalized. In 1959 the state handed the house in Restorations and brassieres, next only RaJ. Between times till 1989 there were changes of users several times. In May 1991 the building was returned original proprietary or their heirs on the basis of the rule 403/90 about the mitigation of consequences of some property injustices and in June 1991 then the District housing firm of Prague I passed the house n. 961 on with the record n. 42/961/1 physically.

Kleinhampl Václav, a wholesaler, a commercial counsellor

He was born in 1876 in Mýto u Zbiroha. After graduation of the business school in Prague he left for practising in colonial business in Plzeň and Hradec Králové. When he came back in Prague he work as a business leader of Vondráček firm in Prague. In 1903 he established own business firm, which became a greater one soon. He is one of the founder of The Czech Commercial bank, he was named the chairman of The Union of Industrialists, an observer of business. Next he became a commercial counsellor of various companies, he was also a secretary of The North Czech Union. In 1917 he built up the North Czech factory of eatable <<. He is one of the Czech agile and important wholesalers.